Taylor Swift's Assks

Anonymous said: what do you think about what Olly Murs said about taylor. and her songs. are you with olly or with taylor

I think it was really unfair of him to say that considering he had NEVER EVEN HEARD THE SONG at that stage. Especially after saying how he would like to hang out with her and the next second turn around and be like bash her about writing songs about experiences that she had that he has no idea about (like he said WANEGBT was about Harry when we all know who it is really about). I think Taylor had a right to retaliate, because what he said was sexist because no one, I mean NO ONE gives any guys shit about writing about their feelings. Yeah he can claim he was ‘protecting Harry’; but people forget that NO ONE is stopping him from writing songs about Taylor. But another thing that made me angry was that Olly basically invalidated her feelings of not having the relationship work. No one knows really what happened except for Taylor and Harry and how each felt in part of their relationship. Nobody can tell anyone how they need to feel about anything. People like him are the reason Taylor has gotten so much shit and why 2013 was such a bad year for her. Encouraging this type of behaviour from people even in the industry who know how long albums take to make was appauling to see him act so immature about something like this, and I know he was joking but things like this are the soul reasons she can’t even think about dating even if she met the perfect person. He was very much in the wrong and shouldn’t have been so rude to Taylor, and I am glad she defended herself the way she did because people need to stop invalidating her.

Anonymous said: Is it wrong that I would give anything to worship Taylor's sweet and amazing ass?

I don’t know hahha

Anonymous said: do you think some girls and guys masturbate in the name of taylor. or while they watch her photos.

I know that some do, I have received messages about it…….

Anonymous said: what do you think about Out Of The Woods

I actually really love it. I like the sound, it’s synth-pop which is the pop I really like haha. Lyrically it’s good as well. I like that she worked Jack Antonoff because he’s a great producer and I also really like his music. It’s definitely not my favourite song (it’s probably top 20 currently), but it is different and I really love it and I’m so excited for the album!!!

Anonymous said: we need to see the last photo that you post where taylor is sticking her butt out. from other side


Anonymous said: are you and the other girl going to see taylor. she is going to do a meet & greet after her x factor performance.

Well I can’t because it’s in Sydney and I’m in Melbourne and I don’t know anyone I could stay with in Sydney and I don’t have the money to stay in a hotel haha. I really wish I could, but I can’t. I don’t know about Zoe though…

edit: I might be going to X factor but I do have a uni exam the day after the performance, so we will see haha - Zoe

Anonymous said: can you repost the 2nd to last Gif. it freezes up whenever i try to view it:o

I’ve been finding that as well, but when I view it on my phone, it works fine, I’ll fix it when I get home. Thanks for letting me know, I thought it was just me haha :)

Anonymous said: What's your icon? (i guess taylors ass, but its a bit hard to make out) What's the story behind it?

If you are talking about on the main blog, it’s actually a picture of Tay’s buttcrack :P It happened to be from the day she and Harry went to central park and she was looking at the seals :P This was happening right at the start of when we founded this blog and started actively using it

As for the one on this blog, it was just a photo from a fan that they took on the Red Tour, it was part of the performance she did with Cher Lloyd and there isn’t really a story to that one haha

Anonymous said: why so many girls are obsessed with kaylor. i couldn't imagine taylor being a lesbian that could destroy her career

I really don’t know to be honest! Maybe it is because it is so out of reach, like the idea of Taylor being with a girl. It could also be, as I have said previously, because Taylor always looks really happy when she’s with Karlie. I also think it’s because they would make a cute couple, like a supermodel and a superstar, it’s a dream for most people haha. Her being a lesbian or bi could probably be a shock for the world. But it would not destroy her career, most fans would still stick by her, and being anything other than heterosexual is accepted more in today’s society, way more than it was even 20 years ago. The media though would have a field day, I think everyone would be onto her all the time and she would definitely be hounded by interviewers for why she went with so many guys, and that side of it would be horrible for her. If she is bisesexual or a lesbian, I support her no matter what and only want her to be happy with her true self

Anonymous said: Taylor's boobs look huge in that orange "becky" t-shirt. Does she stuff her bra, or is that all her?

I’m going to say it’s all her, because truthfully for most girls, a push-up bra does wonders