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vaginaredesigner said: is this blog a joke

Most certainly not, I take these matters to an extreme seriousness

Anonymous said: how is doing the other owner blog Is she ok?

She’s gotten better recently, but I don’t think she will come back. I will pass on this message and edit this if I hear more :) thank you for your concern though!

Posted 4 days ago

Anonymous said: which one are you in that picture

In what picture?

Posted 4 days ago

Anonymous said: how'd you find out you were cheated on? was it difficult to hear?

I’m got a message saying I’m not allowed to talk about it.

Posted 5 days ago

Anonymous said: do you think we are alone in the universe

There are so many theories, I don’t even know anymore! The universe is huge, and Earth is only a speck of dust, or rather insignificant. There could even be multiple universes that are aligned. So theoretically on another timeline there is another version of you, or even infinite versions of you in infinite timelines. There are so many unknowns out there who knows, however I think somewhere in some dimension there is other life. How intelligent this life is, I don’t know, it could just I be simple bacteria. I don’t know how much I believe in the generic ‘aliens’ though

Anonymous said: Why men can never forgive a women affair. even though they'd expect YOU to forgive them

I know it’s very twisted. It’s hard I feel, I think some guys and girls have a way of making the person they cheated on feel bad, and thus blame themselves, even though it was the person who cheated’s fault. It’s really sad. I hope none of you ever have to go through that, it’s honestly the most heartbreaking thing…

Anonymous said: would you like to go with me to hunt crocodiles this weekend. i promise you would live to see taylor web chat at least from the hospital

YESS! Let’s do it! We can both watch it together with our partially missing limbs. I assume this is what is going to happen because I’m a clutz and I have never hunted them before. We’ll have our own album 5 party!! RSVP if you want to come guys

Posted 1 week ago

Anonymous said: would you let a snake bite you for a free photo with justin bieber

Definitely not, that is so not worth it. I wouldn’t do anything for a free photo with him, I don’t even like him haha

Posted 1 week ago

Anonymous said: are you afraid of spiders

Yes! Especially the big hairy one, and when you can see their eyes, it freaks me out to no end!!

Posted 1 week ago

Some real creepy questions, I will answer any.

Posted 1 week ago
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