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Anonymous said: how come we haven't seen all the winners of the giveaway get their prize? including the 5 extra winners?

All prizes have been sent, if you are a winner who has not received a prize please contact us directly off anon so we can do something about it. Sending anonymous messages does not allow us to rectify the problem. We are sorry if you still have not received your prize

Anonymous said: five orgasms looks like john is a sex machine


Anonymous said: john mayer quote part 1 / Because I want to show (a girl I’m with that) I’m not like every other guy. Because I hate other men. When I’m f-cking you, I’m trying to f-ck every man who’s ever f-cked you, but in his ass, so you’ll say “No one’s ever done that to me in bed. Here’s what I really want to do at 32: f-ck a girl and then, as she’s sleeping in bed, make breakfast for her. So she’s like, “What? You gave me five vaginal orgasms last night,

Oh, here is part 1, look I don’t know. But it does sound like Taylor because he was about 31/32 when they dated, but I’m not sure because she just doesn’t seem like that kind of person, to say stuff like thAt I mean. But who knows…

Anonymous said: part 2 / you’re making me a spinach omelet? You are the sh-t!” So she says, “I love this guy.” I say, “I love this girl loving me.” And then we have a problem. Because that entails instant relationship. I’m already playing house. And when I lose interest she’s going to say, “Why would you do that if you didn’t want to stick with me?” // for me that interview screams Taylor so much

WHAT IS HAPPENING? I’m so confused

Anonymous said: Do you think Taylor would like it if I gaped her butt wide? I feel like my cock and fist would go so well up that pretty little shithole. Her place is on her knees with a speculum stretching her anus beyond belief. I want to be able to grab any object I can find and drop it in her prolapsed orifices. I'll train her to be all I want her to be. I want it to be a gaping hole to make other Masters jealous that they don't have an never ending ass like my Tay-Tay.

To be honest I do not think she would like that at all…

Anonymous said: Hang on is that what a slut is? sorry for butting in

Haha it’s okay, I was joking but from dictionary.com the definition is…
1. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.
2. Obsolete . a dirty, slovenly woman.
I just don’t think I am any of those things haha

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Anonymous said: slut

But people don’t pay me money for sex…

Anonymous said: You're pretty :)

awhhhh thank you lovely. It means a lot to me <3 

Anonymous said: selfie?

There are two of us, but this is me. Excuse my face.. 

Anonymous said: how'd your date night go that you were telling us about the other night after all of the drama?

Helllllo lovely! It’s so sweet of you to remember that. It went really really really well thank you! I think I just needed to see him for all of my anxieties about the whole situation to go away.

He was completely normal, if anything it was even better than usual! I ended up seeing him for two nights, and on the second he apologised for how he acted which was nice, and he said that maybe ignoring it (like we were originally going to do) wasn’t the best move and he said that if I wanted to talk about it I could, and I said if he ever needed to ask about it he could :) So I think the air is nice and clear.

He is definitely very serious about me so I think it was just a big shock for him and he just needed to think about it for a bit. Obviously his initial reaction was a bit intense but he apologised for that so I don’t really mind. If he had of told me that he has been with a boy I’m sure I would have reacted a bit oddly too. Also last night we had dinner with his parents, which I don’t think he’d want to do if there was a problem - plus they said they’ve been noticing a lot of positive changes in him since I’ve been around so I think they like me which is nice!! He also asked last night about something super long term, so, I think we are definitely fine haha.

You’re so lovely!