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Anonymous said: many taylor songs are filled with sexual connotations and shake it off is not an exception. the line [wont you come on over baby we can shake shake] could mean resolve unfinished business in a sexual way

That’s very true, it’s definitely more on the sexual side than romantic in any sense. A lot of people don’t see the sexual side, but even when Taylor was young, I’m taking like 14/15 she had sexual references in her songs whether people could accept it or not. There Anonymous person, I hope this answer is more to your standards

Anonymous said: You're one deluded person. Society is so retarded today that everything has to be a sexual reference. Yah Taylor has had many sexual references since she was very young but to think shake it off is a sexual reference you're stupid as f. Sorry but really damn society/media have got to your brain

THAT WAS THE OTHER OWNER FYI and I completely agree in that I do not think it is a sexual reference, I just think that she’s saying that she can just shake off all the negativity and have fun… and in the particular line they were discussing it’s like, ignoring the fact that the ex-boy and new girlfriend have a problem and just doing your own thing, whilst having a blast doing so. However, this was a very harsh comment and was VERY unnecessary. Like, you don’t need to insult people to state your opinion…. 

Please learn to be kind to others and respect other people’s opinions. 


EDIT: I’m not ‘stupid as f’ and the media doesn’t get to me. Someone asked if it was more sexual or romantic. That was my opinion. Obviously the song is not about sex and that is not what I said. That line however, shows a sort of getting over thing and I understand that. Thanks for being so lovely -Eugine

Anonymous said: I think the fact that Taylor showed off her butt on the red carpet of the MTV VMAs says that she likes the way it looks. I hope she shows it off even more! Taylor has a great butt, so nice and tight and cute. I like it. I love it. I want some more of it!!

The thing though she did try and deny the fact she was showing it, but then again it was on show, and even though it was ‘the look’ in the shake it off video, dem booty shorts showed it as well! YAYY for her butt though!

Anonymous said: Are you a Taylor and Karlie shipper? What are your thoughts of those two?

I would say I am. I don’t know why, but I just am I guess. I know that they will only ever be friends and maybe that’s the appeal in it? That it is almost impossible for Taylor to be with another girl? But then again I think it’s also because when Taylor is with Karlie she is always smiling and is blissfully happy and as a fan that is something I love to see; same with Ed, and that’s why I also ship Sweeran. If Taylor were to fall in love with a girl, which isn’t entirely impossible, I would hope that it is someone like Karlie because they both seem to be so happy when they are together! 

Anonymous said: What do you think of Lorde and Taylor? haha, I just had to ask it that way...

Do you mean as like friends? Or shipping? Well I think Taylor is a good influence on Lorde, even after what she said, Taylor didn’t really look at it. I’m think Taylor’s like a good older sister in a sense she can mentor her because they have the same type of career

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*silently praying Taylor does not find this blog*

But especially this blog…

Anonymous said: Do you think karlie has seen Taylor naked?

Hmm I don’t know, only because it’s hard to say how comfortable Taylor is with her to do that. Like personally I hate anyone seeing me even in just my bra and underwear or bikini, no matter how close I am with that friend. So I don’t know how okay Taylor is with it, I think Karlie wouldn’t be too uncomfortable only because she would have to do quick changes for fashion shows etc, but I don’t think Taylor is one to walk around her house naked or let people see her get dressed if they are just friends. But who knows

Anonymous said: Do you think Taylor is self-conscious about her butt? Or do you think she likes what she has back there?

That’s difficult as she’s never really hinted or commented on it. But I guess she doesn’t hate it, otherwise she would have probably tried to change it a lot. I think she feels fine about it, she’s probably just thinking it’s her butt, and there isn’t much else to think haha

Anonymous said: are you and the other owner blog going to see taylor on x factor

For me it honestly depends on when she comes, because if she comes in November (early) which sounds about right, I have exams and won’t be able to go. There is also the fact it is in Sydney haha. I really wish I could though!

Edit from other owner: But I probably will.. I’m going to try to atleast. I have an exam the day after the performance so I might go for the few days before.. And be a bad student haha!