Taylor Swift's Assks

Anonymous said: how come we haven't seen all the winners of the giveaway get their prize? including the 5 extra winners?

All prizes have been sent, if you are a winner who has not received a prize please contact us directly off anon so we can do something about it. Sending anonymous messages does not allow us to rectify the problem. We are sorry if you still have not received your prize

Anonymous said: Is there other ways to ensure you'll get into one of the categories besides reblogging?

No sorry, just luck

Anonymous said: With all due respect, I think for this giveaway you should just let us have the giveaway blogs because a majority of us have them. Please?? :)

She has said yes we can have them just this once ;)

Anonymous said: i reblog it 3 times a day everyday how high are my chances of winning something/anything?

Well at the moment, you have about a 1 in 400 chance of winning overall; and about a 1 in 300 chance if your day is chosen

tropical-relax said: I live in south america can you sent to here these merch? I love taylor but the merch of her is only for us and uk and i really sad THANKS YOU FOR THIS GIVEAWAY I LOVE IT!!!

YES!!! Of course we can send it to you as long as you have an address for us to send it to!

Anonymous said: The amplifier is for iPhone 4/4s or 5?

Either! It’d work for other types of phones too.. we have a 5 & a 5s and it fits both of ours, and I know people who have a 4/4s and it fits theirs.

Anonymous said: Will my chances of winning be higher if I reblog it more than once every day?

Of course! One reblog = one entry, so 100 reblogs = 100 entries! The more reblogs - the higher your chances. Edit: we are selecting days to select the winners, so yes reblogging once a day will give you a better chance as long as you are consistent with an amount!

aussieswiftie13 said: Hey! You are so nice for doing this giveaway!! I live in Australia and in Australia there's hardly any merchandise here which really sucks. Anyways, do you have Instagram or Kik??

Hey! We are from Australia too so we completely understand :) And it’s so expensive to buy merch here! 

Yes we have a kik which is taylorsasss :) And our insta we do not have.. but we have personal instas if you want (I some Tay related things)? The other owner of the blog does not want to give hers out, however I will give you mine if you message us again off anon :) 

Anonymous said: About the giveaway: how works the Taylor Swift amplifier?

You basically just put your phone into the holder and play music like you usually would. It is meant to be used in loud places I’m pretty sure. 

Anonymous said: Is there any possibility that u can bring these stuff to turkey?

Of course! If we can get mail into your country from Australia, you are eligible for it to be mailed to you!